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TAKEOUT MARKETING has over a decade of experience launching internationally-based businesses, special projects and brands in the North American online sphere. Whether you want to focus on your specific cultural communities here or find a broader American audience, our Target: North America Program will help you gain a foothold in the American market and create sales opportunities for your business with a cost-effective online marketing campaign.

As today’s businesses have discovered, online marketing solutions are a welcome alternative to the high cost of traditional media options, such as TV, radio and outdoor advertising. TAKEOUT MARKETING has created successful product and service launches in America for prominent businesses across Europe, Asia and Australia using its comprehensive system of marketing techniques including strategic planning for online marketing, social media and viral marketing, business development outreach, online display advertising, search engine marketing, grass roots marketing as well as web site development (including legal guidance/drafting of Terms of Use/Privacy Policy).

Whether your brand or service is entertainment-based (sports, music, film), technology-based or lifestyle-focused (travel, fashion, gaming), TAKEOUT MARKETING will create a highly-targeted, multi-platform online marketing approach for you in North America that will increase your profile and sales.

For more information on our Target: North America program, please contact:

John Lavallo
john [at] takeoutmarketing.com
(212) 871-0714 x 2

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