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A massive audience spends countless hours on outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. The correct combination of social media techniques mixed with your traditional efforts will elevate your ROI from marketing dollars and provide you with incredible first-hand research and testimonials.  TAKEOUT MARKETING will show you how to leverage these exciting options for the benefit of your business. Self-expression is the new entertainment. Hundreds of millions of people use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo, Ning and Tumblr, and are inter-connected in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. Social Media platforms enable your business to create awareness, engage in conversations with potential customers, receive feedback on how to improve existing products/services, drive traffic to a central site, establish a direct line of connection to potential customers and to increase sales for product or service. Social Media marketing simply allows for a more transparent and easy interaction between the consumer and product/service developers.

Your content and message are ready to react with your potential audience. Let TAKEOUT MARKETING increase your reaction time.

For more information on how TAKEOUT MARKETING can create a successful Social Media program for your business, please contact:

Mori Ninomiya
mori [at] takeoutMarketing.com
(212) 871-0714 x 1

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