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TAKEOUT MARKETING conducted online press, promotions and social media marketing for earthTV.com to expand their reach in the United States as well as identify and find new potential marketing partners. Within the first month we grew unique visits 65% and almost 100% by month two. We succeeded in making the US their number three market in the world for overall site traffic (US was 7th before we started), number two in page impressions and number one in average time on site per visit.

TAKEOUT MARKETING targeted the blogosphere, concentrating on travel and tech as well as larger relevant social networking groups within Facebook. We also created mini-campaigns around key products such as earthTV’s 2010 World Cup player, where we specifically targeted sports and soccer-related sites and blogs. TAKEOUT MARKETING developed a twitter strategy for earthTV as well as spearheaded the design and functionality of earthTV’s Facebook application and Google gadgets, both of which are in development. And on the lifestyle front, TAKEOUT MARKETING forged promotional alliances for earthTV with high-end brands such as Briggs & Riley Travelware, Casio and Vivitar.

On the Business Development side, TAKEOUT established partnerships with state and city tourism agencies across the U.S. (camera and media campaign sales), as well as with large media entities such as Priceline, Kayak and Discovery Networks.

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