PLAY BALL! MLB Music Servicing is in Full Swing

The MLB is back for another season.  Last year marked a record number of    sponsors and viewers for the MLB.   This year the MLB will show its fans and sports fanatics why it is one of the most exciting sports in the world.  With more people attending MLB games then ever before, Baseball games are a great place for your music to be heard.Play Ball! MLB Music Servicing In Full Swing

takoutMARKETING will be offering a new music service this season. This is a cost effective alternative to our normal stadium promotion service.   Using our relationship with team music supervisors, we will mail your single or album to all 30 MLB teams in the United States.  Although we cannot guarantee them playing your music, the fact that they are getting it from a familiar source will give your music a better chance for consideration.  There are about 91 games played per week, with an average attendance of 30,300 people per game.  That is a lot of potential listeners a week.  We are charging $500 per CD for this service.  If you would like to send multiple CDs, we can negotiate a price.


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