Broadway Star Laura Bell Bundy releases first single/video on Mercury Nashville

Mercury Nashville is set to release “Giddy On Up”, the first single and video by Laura Bell Bundy with a world-premiere Monday, January 18th on CMT and You can find the video at this direct link:
Born in Lexington, KY, Laura Bell first found success (and a Tony Award-nomination) in New York by originating the lead role of Elle Woods in the Broadway musical, Legally Blonde.  She also originated the role of Amber Von Tussle in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Hairspray and played Glinda in the smash hit Wicked.
Laura Bell Bundy isn’t a typical country artist and created a bold concept album for her first release Achin’ and Shakin’, which is essentially two separate albums within one project: Achin’– a collection of slow and sultry country songs — and Shakin’, a group of sassy songs that are equal parts humor, confidence and attitude. One side presents a modern-day mixture of Loretta Lynn, Minnie Pearl and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw; the other unveils country’s answer to Norah Jones.
Single: “Giddy On Up”  [available on iTunes beginning 1/19]
Album:  Achin’ and Shakin’ [Release Date tbd]
Video: “Giddy On Up”

Mercury Nashville is set to release “Giddy On Up”, the first single and video by Laura Bell Bundy with a world-premiere Monday, January 18th on CMT and You can find the video at this direct link:

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Sugarland celebrates the holidays with GOLD AND GREEN

Fresh off their Pop and Country chart-topping CD/DVD combo Live On The Inside, multi-platinum superstar duo Sugarland is releasing a 10-track holiday-themed record titled GOLD AND GREEN, which includes 5 original songs co-written by lead members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. takeout MARKETING is creating a comprehensive online marketing campaign for the album. Read More



Showcasing their vibrant club night Kill Em All, the FILTHY DUKES have made an individual and indelible impact on the nightlife landscape of London. True pioneers in their own right, Kill Em All first struck a chord at Camdenʼs unassuming Barfly in 2001, after the pair recognized a thirst amongst a public raised on both guitars and electronic music. Bored of the dull notion that the two scenes should be kept separate, the FILTHY DUKES (Olly Dixon and Tim Lawton) decided to unite dancefloor-geared DJs with hard-edged scuzzy rockers,and went on a quest for artists that embraced both disciplines.

As Kill Em All grew, the lovechild of indie and electronic music matured hand in hand, and before long the FILTHY DUKES found themselves and their night Kill Em All hosting a room at fabric. With lineups packing out fabric without need for distinction or segregation between dance, indie, electro, pop – it seems the general public is open to accepting that good music is good music, regardless of the tag (or its correlating “scene”)…and the FILTHY DUKES proudly occupy the murky waters where all their streams merge. After years spent conquering the London club world and mastering the DJ booth, their attentions recently turned to the studio, where Tim and Olly were joined by third band member Mark Ralph. This yearʼs ʻNonsense in the Darkʼ was the result: their debut artist album on Fiction Records. Disco pop plucked from the top drawer, it takes its lead from the Gallic electronica of Daft Punk, Justice et al and the 80s synth-genius of the likes of Depeche Mode – but is truly a sum of all the parts that make FILTHY DUKES.

And itʼs back to what they know and love on FABRICLIVE.48: uproarious, incendiary DJ sets that sizzle through a smorgasbord of genres, not so much traverse boundaries as obliterate them, coupling pulsating kick drums, with dreamy melodies and song-writing sensibilities with an ability to turn a dancefloor upside down. This is carefree, itʼs joyous, itʼs the sound of two mates, who know their music inside out, throwing their favorite records around the room. Throw down your preconceptions and discard your notions of the sounds of a fabric main room, this is FABRICLIVE.48: FILTHY DUKES, and this is how they Kill Em All.

1. Filthy Dukes – Twenty Six Hundred (Polydor)
2. Popof – Serenity [Noob remix] (Form Music)
3. Audio Soul Project – Reality Check [Vincenzo remix] (Dessous)
4. Boy 8 Bit – Baltic Pine (This Is Music)
5. SMD – 10,000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong (Wichita)
6. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Waves (Boysnoize)
7. Brodinski & Noob – Peanuts Club (Turbo)
8. Joakim – Watermelon Bubblicious (Versatile)

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